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Cadet College Kohat comprises six main boarding Houses and one Junior House reserved for only 8th class. Every House of Cadet College kohat is named after a prominent personality of Pakistan. The Houses are given distinction by a particular colour and a unique House Motto. The College emblem is a round base with the central motif of a flaming torch topped by a shining star with two sabres enclosing the central motif and a verse from the Holy Quran “From Darkness unto Light” which also serves as the College Motto.

Since the establishment of the College, all the six Houses had displayed plain single coloured flags, but did not have any symbol or emblem which reflected the ideals and ethos of the colour, Motto and the House name. When the incumbent Principal joined the College, he personally designed the House badges or insignia. The distinct features of the House emblem are depicted on a standard heraldic escutcheon, in the tradition of cavalry sabretasche, with narrow straight top and a wider curved type base having pointed centre. Each House badge depicts its distinctive emblem on black coloured field lined with gold lacing on outer field in the specific colour of the House. All the insignia have one common sign - the symbol of Torch-the symbol of knowledge, learning and enlightenment. It basically represents the college motto “From Darkness into Light”.

There are seven Boarding Houses spreading around the Academic Block in a semicircular shape. Houses are named after the great personalities of national and regional importance i-e; Jinnah House, Khushal House, Iqbal House, Ayub House, Munawar House, Rustam House, and Junior House. Each House can accommodate up to 90 cadets and consists of ten small and two large dormitories. The dormitories are spacious. Each Cadet is provided with a cupboard, a study chair, a table, and a bookshelf. Apart from dormitories, there are 6 single rooms for the appointment holders. The appointment holders are selected from amongst the senior Cadets on the basis of their previous record and qualities of leadership. One of the members of the faculty is appointed as an Officer In charge of the House, known as Housemaster.

Cadet College Kohat.

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