Inter House Competitions

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Published on Monday, 10 March 2014 04:16
Written by Rahatullah
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(a)      Inter House Sports competitions  (Juniors)         

CCK , besides  enabling its cadets to excel in academics, provides them equal opportunities to explore their potentials in extra – curricular activities.  To meet this end, sports competitions are held every year. Inter House sports competitions (Juniors) held in April – May 2018.

The other competitions are as under:  

 Basketball   Champion Iqbal House,  Runners up Rustam then Jinnah, Khushal, Munawar, Ayub

 Cricket    Champion Munawar House, Runners up Iqbal then Ayub, Khushal, Jinnah , Rustam


 Football   Champion Ayub House, Runners up Jinnah, Rustam , Iqbal , Munawar , Khushal


 (b)      Indoor Games (Juniors)

Champion Iqbal House , Runners up Rustam then Jinnah, Ayub, Munawar, Khushal

 ( c ) Inter House Sports competitions  (Seniors)          

 Football 1st Iqbal, 2nd Rustam, 3rd Khusal, 4th Munawar, 5th Ayub, 6th Jinnah

Basketball 1st Iqbal, 2nd Rustam, 3rd Munawar, 4th Khushal, 5th Ayub, 6th Jinnah

 Hockey  1st Iqbal, 2nd Khushal, 3rd Ayub, 4th Jinnah, 5th Munawar, 6th Rustam

Cricket    1st Khushal, 2nd Munawar, 3rd Rustam, 4th Jinnah, 5th Ayub, 6th Iqbal

Athletics  1st Iqbal, 2nd Ayub, 3rd Rustam, 4th Munawar, 5th Khusal, 6th Jinnah

 In the final of all the matches,  the Honourable Principal, Brig ( Retd) Inamul Haq awarded prizes to the winning teams and trophies to the Champion Houses.



The Inter House Drill competition was held in November. All the six houses participate and display excellent performance. Three Army Officers acted as Judges in the event. Khushal House win the championship trophy and commander Cadet  Binyamin Raza Qureshi has declared “Best Drill Commander” for the year 2018-19.